Palm Island. Three artificial islands in the shape of palm trees will shelter nearly 500 apartments, 2000 villas, 25 hotels and 200 shops of luxury. Also called as Palm Jumeirah.

The World. With broad of Dubaï, nearly 300 artificial islands, seen sky will form a planisphere. If you want to acquire one of these islands, it will cost some to you between 6,2 to 36,7 million dollars.

Dubai Waterfront. Advancing on water of the Gulf, this whole of islands in the shape of crescent extends on 81 square kilometres. The greatest sea front in the world, it détrône thus the island from Manhattan in New York.

Old Town. It is the final district of the building site located at the foot of the tower Burj Dubai. This great real complex includes the highest tower of the world, the greatest shopping centre of the world as well as a gigantic residential district Old Town

Hydropolis. Entirely assembled in Germany, this underwater hotel immersed with broad of Dubai. It will comprise 220 continuations whose panoramic windows gives on sea-beds. The price of a room for the night would rise with 500 dollars.

Burj Dubai. This phenomenal tower construction will end in 2008 should reach the 800 meters height. The building, built in three parts around a central column, finishes in spiral. It will count 160 stages.

Madinat Al Arab. One of the districts of the future greater sea front in the world, Dubai Waterfront. This sight accounts for the architectural ambition and the spectacular development of real constructions with Dubaï.

Dubai Marina. new city, of a total cost of 10 billion dollars, on a way of artificial navigation of 4,5 km. It will lodge 120000 people. Three principal towers with the name of Arab perfumes

Dubai Sports City. This immense sporting complex of 7.5 km² accomodates sports such as the cricket, the golf, Rugby, football, the sports of ground, track, and interior (tennis shoe, handball, volley ball).

Golden Dome. With its 455 m height and its 2,2 million m² of total surface, is one of bulkiest and higher buildings of the world. It shelters 500000 m² offices, commercial spaces like 3000 residential apartments.

Dubailand Ski Dome. This ski resort indoor, comprise inter alia a directional ski piste and tracks of snowboard (with 6,000 tons of true snow). "Pinguinarium", aquariums four seasons, spa cold and hot...

Space Science World. Space is one of the subjects exploited in the immense park with topics of Dubailand which has the ambition to become the largest tourist park and of attractions in the world.

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