After spending sleepless nights, hundreds of tiny Harry Potter fans in Kerala today laid their hands on the final volume of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Curious to discover the fate of their favorite boy wizard, a majority of them preferred to read the book from the climax as soon as they bought it.''On the request of parents and children, we opened our bookshop at 0600 hrs today and all the books were sold in two hours,'' said a staff member at Pai Co, a book distributor here. This was the situation across the state as almost all bookshops, which distributed the book, opened their shops well before 0600 hrs.''As a majority of the copies were booked in advance, we had no problem and our work finished in two hours,'' said DC Books, another distributor, which sold more than 6,000 copies through its outlets in the state.India Book House Manager Hari said, ''more than 12,000 copies were sold across the state in two hours and we have placed more orders following demands from parents.'' Many bookshops celebrated the occasion by organising various programmes in the state in connection with the release of the book, the seventh and final volume of the fantasy series by J K Rowling.In a bid to get more bookings, bookshops offered complements like CDs on National Geographic Quiz Master and Oxford Talking Dictionary to those who booked the copies in advance.Meanwhile, a little Harry Potter fan from Kannur claimed he had discovered a mistake in the sixth volume of the series.Shardhul Sreekumar, a seventh standard student of Amritha Vidyalaya, Kakkad, who read all six previous volumes several times, noted that the author had mistakenly used Harry Potter's friend Ron's name as Rubert.Though he wrote to the author pointing out the mistake, no reply was received, he added.

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