Sabrimala Mandal Puja Kerala

Sabrimala Mandal Puja, Kerala is celebrated to pay homage to Lord Ayyappan who is respected by all the people in India. At Sabrimala Temple Festival two different types of pujas are held. One of them is the Mandal Puja and the other one is the Makara Sankranti Puja. The pujas are celebrated from the month of November and is continued till the middle of the month of January. During the Sabrimala Mandal Puja, Kerala the devotees carry out austerity and penance. Before the starting of the pilgrimage to the temple of Sabrimala the devotees go through severe penance and also through rigorous living conditions. Not considering the caste, creed or color, the devotees during the Sabrimala Mandal Puja, Kerala, get dressed in black dhotis and carry bundles on their heads, containing traditional donations such as coconut filled with ghee, camphor and rice.

During the time of the festival the dome of the temple is enclosed with gold and the devotees prior to their climbing of the steps break coconuts. The pilgrims who take part in the festival for the first time are called as the Kanni Swamis and their group leader is known as Guru Swami or the person who takes charge of the group as well as all the ceremonies concerning the ceremony of Sabrimala Mandal Puja, Kerala. On the way of climbing up the hill the devotees take a holy dip into the river of Pamba thus freeing themselves of their previous sins. While on their way of the long trek the devotees keep on chanting the name of Lord Ayyappa for easing out their enthusiasm. The women who have reached their fertility age group are not allowed within the premises of the temple and only those women who have not reached or have crossed their fertility age group are allowed. It is done so because Lord Ayyappa is regarded to be an eternal bachelor.

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