ChattiPathiri-A Malabar Muslim/Mappila Speciality

For Pathiri:
flour/maida-100g(for making 6 layers)
Oil-1 tbsp
Water-as required
Salt-as required
Sugar-5tbsp(Can adjust according to u'r preferences)
Ghee-1 tbsp
Grated coconut-3 tbsp
Cashew nuts-25g(broken)
Poppy seeds/Khuskhus-3tbsp
Cardamom powder-1 tsp
For coating:
Cardamom-a pinch

Method:Mix the flour with water,oil and salt and knead into a dough like that of Chappathi,medium thick.Using a roller pin roll it out into paper-thin chapathies of uniform size(~8inches diameter) on a dusted flour board.Heat a griddle and cook the chappathies lightly on a tawa.You can vary the size of the chappathi depending on the size of the pathiri chatti or the vessel in which you are baking it.Beat 3 eggs with sugar,1tbsp ghee, and cardamom.Heat a wok.Add 1 tbsp ghee,saute raisins,cashewnuts,poppy seeds and grated coconut until they change the colour slightly.Now add the beaten egg and scrambled the whole mixture. Keep it aside. Beat the remaining eggs, sugar and cardamom and keep aside.Take a non-stick baking tray, spread 1 tsp oil or ghee all around(spray the nonstick oil).Keep one chapathi as the first layer.Now dip the second chapathi in the egg mixture,coat well and place it on top.Arrange the scrambled egg mixture. Keep another chappathi on top.Make a new layer.Keep adding the egg-coating at each step and finally pour the remaining egg mixture over the sides and on the top. Garnish it with cashew nuts and raisins and bake in an oven for nearly 15 mintues or till the whole pathiri turns golden.Traditionally the baking is done in a sealed container with the coconut husk embers on top....Though a little bit of a process the delicacy is definitely worth the trouble...especially for all those with a sweet tooth!!

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